Take Your Blog To The Next Level

On his excellent blog, Chris Brogan has published a list of 50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level.

There are some great suggestions, which he has grouped under five headings:

  • Make Your Goal and Target Audience Crystal Clear
  • Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep
  • Make Your Content Top Notch
  • Promoting Your Blog
  • Building Business From Your Blog

These sections are similar to the main themes I discuss in my book, WordPress For Business Bloggers. The book takes a detailed look at planning and goal-setting for a business blog. It also shows readers how to design a customized them for WordPress with rock-solid design principles, using the Sandbox theme.

There is a chapter on the importance of content, which is available as a free sample from my publisher. I explore promoting and monetizing your blog by providing real-world examples. The book looks at integrating plenty of third-party plugins and web services (like Twitter, FeedBurner and Google AdSense) into your WordPress blog.

There are also chapters on SEO (search engine optimization), managing the growth of a business blog, connecting with the blogoshpere, analyzing blog stats and advanced tips for handling images and video.

It’s good to see a successful blogger like Chris Brogan suggesting many of the same principles covered in WordPress For Business Bloggers.

Paul Thewlis

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